Frequently Asked Questions

What is OKANE.MY

OKANE.MY is an online prediction platform that predicts minimum 5-days in advance on stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and foreign exchanges. Currently it is not stock trading platform. We will do it in the near future.

How to use OKANE.MY?

From public users, traders (beginners to experts) and just about anyone - they can learn more at our YouTube channel & Facebook page for latest update.

Who is behind OKANE.MY

It is operated, owned and maintained by Twistcode Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (, based in Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA. It utilizing the fastest supercomputer in Malaysia, 88th in the world ranking (

Which exchange OKANE.MY will cover?

We are covering Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, and will feature London's, Tokyo's, Singapore's, Turkey's, US', Indonesia's, Hong Kong's - in few weeks time.

What will happen after 18th October?

We'll start charging on the 5th day after you register yourself. Payment method (debit/credit card) is mandatory upon signing/registering.

Is there any demo page without the need to enter my payment credentials?

Yes, there will be a demo page. It will be on 19th October 2019.

Payment is refundable?


Can cancel subscription before the 5th day upon registering (on 18th October)?

Yes you can. We won't charge you anything.

More info?

If you can't send the email directly through this website, you can reach us at [email protected]

updated: 10th October 2019
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