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Finally, the 5-days in advance price prediction for cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC) is up and running.

For limited-time preview (2 days prediction), you can register and view it there.

Like always, your decisions by using this site is solely on your own, your own responsibility.

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24 May 2022


After long development, eating candies and drinking caffeine, we officially let the public to preview our 2-Days In Advance cryptocurrencies' pricing, for free, with 60% accuracy. Only 4 mojor cryptocurrencies that we are covering, for now.

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15 April 2022


We have to delay the launch of cryptocurrencies' pricing prediction on 29th April 2022 due to unforeseen circumstances (actually we are totally tied up with other immediate projects).

We have to lower down the accuracy to 60% (and above) as we want to modify few methods of doing the prediction. As time goes by, we'll increase it bit by bit.

We hope this will be the last delay. Ehem.

28 March 2022


We launched Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)'s prediction 5-days-in-advance with 65%-85% accuracy in November 2019 with monthly subscriptions.

But somewhere in September 2020, Malaysia's Security Commission contacted us and advised us not to charge or offer subscription to the public as we did not have remisier's license, which puts us in very difficult situation - our prediction is/was based on machine learning and not human-based, hence even if we obtain the license, there was and still no provision in Malaysian Law to award certain license nor certification to a machine.

Without any much option and as Twistcode® is a profit-based entity, we only can offer free-subscription of KLSE's stock pricing prediction until June 2021 and now we ceased to offer anymore KLSE's stock prediction.

But fear not - we will offer cryptocurrencies pricing prediction starting tentatively on 28th March 2022 after we increase the accuracy of 5-days-in-advance cryptocurrencies' pricing prediction which covers basically major cryptocurrencies. We will also provide API subscriptions for this service to interested parties.

Maybe after that, we will offer foreign-exchange predictions as well, but let's see first.

Stay safe.

10 November 2021

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